StepUp Childcare offers quality and affordable out of school childcare where supervised learning and play activities are provided to children (ages 4 to 11 years old) in a safe environment.

StepUp Childcare’s team consists of passionate and qualified Ofsted registered and childcare practitioners with experience of childcare services for different age group at various locations and settings such as nurseries and preschools, domestic premises, primary schools, hotels, holiday camps etc.

We pride ourselves high in providing flexible, high quality and affordable out-of-school-hour childcare in safe and stimulating environments with utmost attention to detail and effective supervision by our fully qualified staff when taking care of children.

Our environments are well enabled and stimulated to meet your child’s educational needs as well as personal, social and emotional development.

With a huge menu of age related activities, games and arts and crafts on offer, your child will no doubt have fun, learn new skills and in turn develop social interactions skills while engaging with activities alongside other children.

Equality, diversity and inclusion practice is paramount to our services, we respect individual child’s value, background, culture and ability. We are confident of quality of our childcare services, every child  flourishes in our hands as we make every minute and hour each child spend with us count, our well planned learning and play activities contribute to and promote each child’s physical, social and emotional development.